Enhancing the Physical Properties of Fabric

Coatings are high quality, water based textile coating compounds. They are designed to be used as a back-coating to fabrics, making them more functional. Typically, STARCOAT is used on various weights (200 – 1000 Denier) of nylon fabrics for luggage, back-packs and duffle bags. These coatings primarily prevent the yarns from un-raveling, add weight to the fabric, increase tensile & tear strength, and increase hydrostatic pressure resistance. Use of this type of coating will make the fabric more durable to abrasion, washing and dry-cleaning. If needed, a coating can help make a fabric flame retardant. While making a fabric tougher, more functional and more durable, a quality coating will also add aesthetics and value to a fabric.

A significant amount of STARCOAT production is engineered to meet military specifications. It is also formulated for light-weight nylon or polyester fabrics used to make Coast Guard approved PFDs (life jackets). These coatings are used to improve tear and tensile strength, and seam slippage. Some of these are pigmented face coatings rather than clear back coatings. STARCOAT is also available as various pigmented color face coatings for polyester/cotton fabrics used for boat covers.

1 100% Water-Based Coatings

All STARCOAT Coatings are 100% water based, using high quality polyurethane and acrylic emulsions. Unlike solvent based competing products, STARCOAT compounds contain virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These products are primarily based on specialty acrylic emulsions, often blended with polyurethane dispersions. Recent advances in the chemistry of acrylics and polyurethane dispersions make it possible to meet or exceed the performance of solvent based urethanes.

Acrylic and Urethane Polymers as Building Blocks

Olympic uses a wide variety of acrylic emulsions and polyurethane dispersions with very specific properties to meet end use requirements. STARCOAT uses the finest polymers available to enhance durability, especially water and chemical resistance. The majority of polymer emulsions used in our coatings are custom manufactured to meet Olympic specifications. This allows for better control of coating compounds, insuring that Olympic customers’ very specific end-use requirements are met consistently. All of the polymers used are non-yellowing under high temperature and are extremely UV resistant. Drawing on a wide choice of various polymers provides a wide range of coating types, from a very soft hand coating typically used for a base coat, to a very hard polymer more suitable for a top coat.


Little or No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • No smoke
  • No pollution
  • No hazardous emissions, eliminating scrubber incineration
Cost Effective
  • Viable and very cost effective alternative to solvent-based urethane coatings
  • Costs reductions pertaining to handling, processing, shipping, storage, and disposal of flammable solvents, like Toluene, Xylene and IPA
Enhanced Productivity
  • Increased line speed means more production; 2-3 times faster than a solvent line

 Superior Performance

  • Excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, hydrostatic resistance, wash-fastness, dry-cleaning and chemical resistance, non-yellowing and UV resistant
  • Meets or exceeds performance requirements of solvent based urethane coatings

Applications and Features

The compounds are usually knife coated on the back of fabrics. Some fabrics will require only one coat, but there are also systems where up to four coats are applied to the fabric. After the coating application, the fabric is oven dried and cured to ensure proper curing and fixation. This will provide maximum durability of the coated fabric. Our coating compounds are produced and reproduced to meet stringent specifications. Typical specifications are: solids, pH, viscosity, density, and color.

Key product characteristics include:

  • Very high solids content, yielding high coating weight with fewer coats
  • No Solvent! Extremely low (near zero) VOC and formaldehyde content
  • Expert custom formulations designed to meet customer requirements
  • Excellent performance, super tough and durable coatings
  • Clear, opaque, white or pigmented shades

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