Natural Adhesives
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When customers and shareholders ask for environmentally sustainable products, how quickly will you be able to go from zero to green? 

Sustainable Manufacturing from the Inside Out

If you’re working to make your supply chain green, you’re evaluating all your production process materials. Adhesives, while invisible to the end user, are very important to the product’s durability, and influence whether or not your product is recyclable. Natural glues – when purchased as consciously as your eco-friendly papers, inks, labels, packaging and other materials – can deliver a high-quality end product and move you closer to achieving your company’s environmental sustainability goals.

Olympic Adhesives Gets You Greener, Faster

There is a major difference between producing a green product with virgin raw materials, and producing one that incorporates recycled, all-natural materials. Using other manufacturers’ green waste as primary raw materials, as we do, minimizes energy and water consumption. As an example, when green by-products leftover from other companies’ production processes are used in our STARFLEX Adhesives, your purchase helps to avoid depleting natural resources since virgin raw materials are not used. 

The advantages of a green product don’t begin just at the point of recycling. They can span the entire lifecycle of a product: from pre-manufacturing to product utilization, and eventually to disposal.  Using adhesives made with renewable materials that are green from the start moves you faster towards environmental sustainability.

Learn the benefits of integrating natural glues into your manufacturing process and environmental management initiatives.

How Can You as
a Manufacturer,
Go Green?

Consider using adhesives made with all natural and recycled materials.  Olympic recycles tons of gelatin scrap (see photo on the left) from pharmaceutical companies.

News you can use...

Enhancements are taking place at Olympic Adhesives! Among them, updating our MIS and communication networks, expanding our bulk storage facility, and installing pouch packaging automation. Pouch packaging has many benefits:

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Sustained product integrity
  • Less labor intensive
  • Cost effective
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What industries use STARFLEX Natural Adhesives?

The world's best-known board games, luxurious luggage lines, directories and many other consumer products are held together by Olympic's products. Manufacturers rely on Olympic Adhesives' protein based glues to construct rigid set-up paper boxes, case goods, toys, games, puzzles, albums, loose-leaf binders, sample books, luggage and leather goods.

Book Binding:


Finished Goods:

Cover Making Back Lining
Catalogs Directories Periodicals


Paper Pads
Expandable File Folders

Speaker Cabinets Table Pads

In order to better serve our customers, we have these strategically located warehouse facilities:

  • Dalton, GA
  • Santa Fe Springs, CA