Natural, Protein-Based Adhesives

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STARFLEX Jelly Glue... Environmentally Sustainable Natural Adhesives for a Global Industry

STARFLEX Jelly Glue is a water based adhesive whose essential ingredient is collagen, a natural polymer.  Collagen protein, derived from natural sources, is blended with other ecological ingredients to produce a natural, protein based adhesive which meets current safety and environmental requirements and is considered by the FDA to be among the safest materials used in the adhesive industry.  STARFLEX Jelly Glue is available in a variety of colors and fragrances with a wide range of viscosity and flexibility characteristics – let us customize a product for your specific application.

Safety and Environmental Advantages

Eco-friendly STARFLEX Jelly Glue meets and exceeds many of today’s environmental concerns.  The benefit of an adhesive derived from natural ingredients generates an end product which is non-hazardous, non-toxic and easily recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable, rendering disposal environmentally sound.  STARFLEX Jelly Glue is water soluble and cleans up easily with hot water.   This makes it easy to maintain clean equipment which is imperative to insuring good adhesion and adhesive mileage.  For this reason, all natural glues have replaced resin, hot melt and other synthetic products.  Natural glues’ have a lower melt point which make them easier to use; hot melt adhesive requires a higher operating temperature and set up quickly, which can increase product loss when machine adjustments are necessary.

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Bonding with Jelly Glue

STARFLEX Jelly Glue bonds water sensitive surfaces such as paper, board, cloth, foam, backed vinyl fabrics and the like; formulations are also available for more difficult-to-adhere surfaces.  STARFLEX Jelly Glue offers excellent adhesion performance and non-warp characteristics.  Olympic’s extensive research has led to the development of high performance Jelly Glue which produces a superior bond to Corona treated polypropylene.

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